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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing involves promotion of websites and other web-bases businesses primarily through paid advertising. Earlier SEM was taken as synonymous of SEO (search engine optimization) but today SEM is used to denote paid marketing strategies only. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services in India provided by Webinfratech involve keywords research and analysis and making advertisements using both text matter and visuals.

Keywords are used in both types of ads. While text-based ads figure on search result pages, visual ads come in product listing ads.

SEO v/s SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEO is different from SEM in approach. While the former relies on free service by search engines, latter takes advantage of paid services called pay-per-click where advertisers pay a fixed amount for each click received on the advertisements.

In SEO, you pay nothing to search engine but get quality traffic but in SEM, you make search engine a partner in business by offering it a share in profit. But both SEO and SEM are necessary for success of a website or web-based business. Another difference between the two terms is of time. SEO takes time but SEM is quick in giving results. And Webinfratech is the best SEM service provider in Noida.

Benefits of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Search engine marketing involves keywords research. Keywords are terms and phrases that targeted audiences use to search information on the web. And these keywords could be broad match, phrase match, exact match or negative
  • Second thing is targeting like location-based targeting, ad schedule targeting, demographic targeting and device targeting. 
  • Another important feature of SEM is Account that includes campaigns and ad groups that are further divided into keywords-based ads. 

Leading SEM service provider in Delhi NCR, Webinfratech promises unleashing the total power of search engine marketing.

Why Hire Webinfratech For SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ServicesSearch Engine Marketing

Being a leading SEM agency, Webinfratech starts search engine marketing from the first step that is analyzing clients’ businesses to find the right keywords and suggest the right platform for marketing.

There are different SEM platforms including AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Gemini, IgnitionOne, WordStream, Aquisio, Criteo and SEMrush. And businesses across the globe turn to Webinfratech to hire SEM services company in Delhi NCR.

Category Served by Webinfratech by SEM

Webinfratech provides all types of search engine marketing services. SEM is a broader discipline that involves organic SEO, paid marketing with AdWords, Bing Ads and other platforms, article submission and advertising to make sure that SEO has been done in the right manner. And as expected from the best SEM service provider in Delhi NCR, Webinfratech promises complete marketing services.

How SEM is Effective for Your Business?

The biggest advantage of SEM is time saving. You can expect quick results with search engine marketing. Also, the results are measurable that allows marketers to find the trustworthy sources of traffic.

Also, you can check which sources need to be developed. With SEM, you can increase brand awareness and acceptability of your business. Hire SEM services company in Delhi NCR to avail all the benefits of SEM.

Top ten most popular FAQs

Is it good to hire SEM services for my business category?

Yes, it is good and it will be beneficial for your business. Webinfratech, the best SEM service provider in Delhi NCR, promises benefits of SEM.

What are SEM services?

SEM services can be categorized as SEO for organic results, paid advertising on different platforms and paid submission of various sites. And Webinfratech is the SEM service provider in India that can provide complete SEM services.

What are the two main types of SEM?

Paid advertising and paid submissions are the two main types of SEM and Webinfratech is adept in both the SEM services in India

What is SEM and how it works?

Simplified as search engine marketing, SEM is a broad term used to denote marketing techniques for search engines. It works with keywords that connect businesses with targeted audiences. Webinfratech is the SEM service provider in Noida you can rely on for SEM.

What is search marketing strategy?

It is locating the best keywords like broad match, phrase, exact match and negative keywords. Second step is to create meaningful campaigns with informative ad groups and attractive keywords-based ads. Turn to Webinfratech to hire SEM services company in Delhi NCR.   

Why SEM test is done?

SEM test is done to evaluate the best practices to optimize webpages for search engine result pages. SEM is done in many ways but testing is needed to find out which way should you go. Businesses globally count on Webinfratech’s SEM services in India because we rely on tests for finding the right SEM strategy. 


What is the different between SEO and SEM?

Explicitly speaking, SEO is a part of SEM but technically they are split into two broad categories. SEO stands for optimization of websites for better search rankings and SEM is about paid process of marketing. Webinfratech is the right SEM service provider in Delhi NCR you can rely on.

How Web infratech can Increase the business by SEM?

Being a leading SEM service provider in Noida, Webinfratech will assess your business needs and do the keywords research and suggest the right platform for marketing your business.

How much amount do I need to hire SEM services?

Let Webinfratech understand your needs and customize SEM services in India before you make an opinion on our charges.

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Comprehensive IT services include

  • Google-Ad-Extensions

    Google Ad Extensions

    Ad Extensions are additional pieces of information that expand your advertisement to make it more useful to users. Ad extensions typically include telephone numbers, additional links from your website, seller reviews.

  • Google-Adwords-Management-Services

    Google Adwords Management Services

    we manage your Google AdWords (now Google Ads) account targeting the keywords that will drive conversions (purchases, leads, goal completions) to your site.

  • Google And Bing Marketing Services

    We are a renowned Bing Ads agency, and we know the masterstrokes of advertising on Bing. Our team of dedicated professionals works on Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Targeting, Creating and Promoting Ads, Testing Ads, Bidding, Reporting and Conversion tracking services.

  • Landing-Page-Designing-1

    Landing Page Designing

    Webinfratech provide a best landing page, Because a landing page is an important part of the design development process and aims to entice visitors and drive them further down the conversion funnel.

  • Landing-Page-Optimaization

    Landing Page Optimaization

    Landing page optimization (LPO) is the process of improving elements on a website to increase conversions. Landing page optimization is a subset of conversion rate optimization (CRO).

  • Monitoring-And-Reporting-1

    Monitoring And Reporting

    We monitoring your website with the lot of changes both small and big so google can understand your website properly.We monitoring on your website speed ,images,Remove extra unwanted code and more.

  • PPC-Marketing-Services

    PPC Marketing Services

    Pay-Per-Click advertising is a marketing model where advertisers create ads and pay a pre-arranged fee each time their ad is clicked on.

  • Search-Engine-Marketing-Consulting-Services

    Search Engine Marketing Consulting Services

    Webinfratech provide the full search engine marketing consulting services includes in Detailed seo audit,keyword reserch,road map,backlinks audit etc.

  • Search-Engine-Optimization-Services

    Search Engine Optimization Services

    Our team uses modern SEO services, backed by the best digital practices, to increase your traffic & rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site.

  • SEM-Analytics

    SEM Analytics

    More broadly speaking, SEM/SEO falls under the umbrella of digital marketing (like sponsored link campaigns). See also: Search engine marketing / sponsored links.

  • SEM-Campaign-Designings

    SEM Campaign Designings

    An SEM campaign is an online ad campaign. You can create an SEM campaign in Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as on social media networks that allow advertising, like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Targeted-Marketing-Campaigns

    Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    Once these key groups are recognized, companies develop marketing campaigns and specific products for those preferred market segments.