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top 10 trending technologies

Top 10 Trending Technologies to Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tops the trends in latest technologies. It imparts human intelligence to machines and the AI enabled devices can even surpass human level of thinking and reasoning, if coded properly. so with the help of these top 10 trending technologies to know.AI has paved way for more user-friendly ...

Why digital marketing is important for small businesses

Why digital marketing is important for small businesses?

Small businesses that consider digital marketing to be an expensive and a time-consuming job need to learn about advantages of online advertising. It is true that online campaigns take time in giving results but there are more convincing reasons for small businesses to invest on digital marketing. Let’s quickly summari...


Digital marketing for local business – Why is it so important?

Digital marketing would prove to be more beneficial for local businesses that are often short on funds. It is only with digital marketing that small businesses can achieve success in shortest possible time. Let’s look at some interesting statistics about digital marketingIn 2014, an average Internet user had 3 social...