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KD GOLD is the first and reliable leader when it comes to selling gold for cash in India. As we believe in transparent and crystal-clear services, we deal with our customers on the grounds of honesty and equality. We believe in offering the best payout for gold, silver, diamonds, and coins. Undoubtedly, this leads to peace of mind to people and make them rely on us with complete sureness and confidence.

While doing the valuation for your gold, silver, diamonds, and coins, we use a complete standardized and technology-based testing process. Our team of high-level advisers is always there to guide you in the right direction. People come to us because we not only buy gold and silver but diamonds too which are rarely purchased by anyone in the same industry.

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We always begin every project with detailed planning and this is why, this is the first phase of development. We gain and put together deep delved information pertaining to the project, clients’ businesses, their business objectives and the specific requirements of the project. Once all the required data is accumulated, we start carving out a project plan that matches the stipulated development deadline.

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After gathering all the required information, we begin developing an approach with the development team using which we will pursue with the project. We apply an advanced contemporary approach and ensure that all the custom requisites are addressed while there is a solution designed for all the challenges related to the project.

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Once the approach has been finalized, we start working on the strategy for the project. We segregate the entire work into phases and design the milestones for the project. We also design the stages for the feedback and ensure that the client is actively involved during the development. After a strategy has been finalized, we initiate the development work on the project.

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Development and Launch

Today, the website visitors use sophisticated devices to access the web and seek easily navigable websites & applications. By using the rich tools, advanced methodologies, contemporary technologies and unmatched capabilities of our developers, we deliver the solutions which are impeccable, incomparable and a perfect match for their custom requirements. Our team works dexterously during planning, development and until launch of the website while facilitating post-development support.