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Top 10 Trending Technologies to Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tops the trends in latest technologies. It imparts human intelligence to machines and the AI enabled devices can even surpass human level of thinking and reasoning, if coded properly. so with the help of these top 10 trending technologies to know.

AI has paved way for more user-friendly technologies like Internet of Things (IoT). These are smart devices capable of interacting with other connected machines and devices. And they are useful in creating conducive work environment. with the help of many web development & mobile app development services.
When it comes to creating work environment, how could Virtual Reality (VR) be left behind. It is the technology that has made it possible to create a 3D simulated environment suitable for creating training modules and providing real gaming experience.

For businesses struggling with processing of huge data, there is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that makes small robots that process huge data in shortest time possible.

Blockchain technology allows monitoring of data transfer in real time and Edge Computing enables local processors to process information close by instead of on distantly located cloud servers.

5G technology promises faster data processing and improved cybersecurity has become capable of thwarting any malicious attack aimed at breaching security apparatus.

All these Top 10 trending technologies indicate at digitalization of work process and expansion of technology to new markets. Businesses are also accepting the technologies and applying the new techniques to reach out the online markets(Digital marketing Services) that defy physical boundaries. These Top 10 Trending Technologies are changing landscapes from physical to digital where there is little space for manual working.

It is time to go digital to expand your business to online markets that transgress physical boundaries.

Today teams can collaborate from different locations, information can be shared in real time in interconnecting devices and data processing can be done at lightening speed to get right insights and reliable predictions.

Investment on latest top 10 trending technologies will give huge returns in the long run. And it won’t cost you much to invest on AI, VR, Blockchain or on cybersecurity technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (Market Research)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves development of software that enables machines including computers and robots to perform specific functions with human intelligence or even higher. Today AI enabled machines can perform tasks like facial recognition and Internet search. Some machines can even drive cars

Artificial Intelligence 1

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But in future, AI enabled machines are expected to outperform human in any given task.And it will be possible with the help of LISP, Python, C++, Java and Prologprogramming languages. so we are here to explore you about the top 10 trending technologies on that we will work for betterment process Hire webinfratech .

Data Science Needs In Future

Data Science is the process of obtaining insights and information and everything that is worth knowing out of a given data. And it requires machines to interpret, process and alter digital data. Machine learning algorithms are applied to big data that includes numbers, texts, images, video and audio to generate valuable insights.

data science 1

The programming languages used for Data Science include Python, JavaScript, Scala, R, SQL and Julia. with the help of these top 10 trending technologies you can choose your best technology for your project. if you are looking for software development, web development company , mobile app development company, E- Commerce Solutions & more then Contact at Webinfratech.

Internet of Things (IoT)

At the base of IoT is a system that connects all computer enabled physical devices to Internet for data collection and information sharing. And it has been made possible with super-cheap computer chips and availability of wireless networks. IoT technology enables the interconnected devices to communicate real-time data without human assistance.

top 10 trending technologies

Programming languages used for IoT include C/C++, GO, Java/JavaScript, LUA, Parasail, Python, PHPoC and Rust.  you can also find the best java development, Python Development services, Custom ERP Solutions.


Blockchain is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)that allows data to be stored across hundreds and thousands of servers globally and allowing those servers to check each-other’s entries in real time. Based on peer-to-peer (P2P) topology, Blockchain create a network of entries that defies control by single user.

Top 10 trending  technologies

The building blocks of Blockchain top 10 trending  technologies are Solidity, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C#, GO, Simplicity, Ruby, Rust, SQL, Erlang, Rholang and CX.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is used for computer generated robots to capture and interpret data to complete different tasks including processing transactions, data manipulation, triggering a response and communicating with other digital devices. It is useful for businesses involving high volume of highly transactional process functions.

top 10 trending technologies

RPA involves use of Pascal, Scratch, Industrial Robot Languages, LISP and Prolog, Hardware Description Languages, MATLAB, C#/.NET, Java, Python and C/C++. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) technology allows creating a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment for real human experience. A user can become part of VR and experience the environment.

top  10 trending technologies

The user is provided tools like screen-fitted googles or gloves with sensors to experience VR. And this simulated environment provides realistic-feel experience. VR is made possible by C#, C++, Java, JavaScript and Python programming languages.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing
is technology focusing on reducing physical distance between computing and source of data to reduce latency and save the amount of bandwidth used.

top  10 trending technologies

It ensures that fewer processes run in cloud by shifting those processes to computers like IoT devices and other local places. It puts an end to long-distance communication between a client and a server. Languages used for Edge Computing include Golang, Python, Scala and Java.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps are applications capable of giving suggestions and making predictions by analyzing user interactions from real-time and historical data from different sources.

intelligent apps min

These apps provide adaptive and personalized experience hence can be used as a personal assistant. Andthese data driven, relevant and contextual, continuously adapting and action oriented are made using Python, C++, Java, LISP and Prolog programming languages.


Cybersecurity is the practice of preventing digital data stored in computer devices including mobiles and tabs from cyber thefts and hackers. It is categorized into network security, application security, information security, operational security, disaster recovery and business continuity and end-user education to define its applications.

cyber security min 1
2A1NH99 Internet and online data security system. Laptop computer hacking, and stealing data from mobile smart phone

The programming languages used for cybersecurity are JavaScript, HTML*, Python, C, C++, Assembly and PHP.

5G – Technologies to Master

5G stands for fifth generation of mobile network developed to connect virtually everything including all machines, objects and devices with wireless technology. It promises improved performance and efficiency and a new user experience by delivering higher multi-Gbps peak data speed with ultra-low latency.


Programming languages used for 5G technology include C, Java, Python, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, R, SQL, Swift, Go and Ruby.

Advantages of latest & Top Trending technology

AI enabled IoT devices have made life a lot easier. There are many smaller tasks that IoT can be complete. For example, AI apps can be used for quality control and inventory management. Similarly, Virtual Reality has uses in entertainment, sports, military, education, fashion and medical training.

RPA technology is helping businesses in data processing and Edge Computing has reduced latency and improved bandwidth in data transfer. 5G technology has also arrived to provide speed. And there is little need to worry about data theft as cyber security with advance technology is here to protect crucial data. So these top 10 trending technologies will help you to choose best and latest technologies.

Which IT technology is most in demand in 2020?

Depending on the need, clients can choose the technology from AI to Big Data and IoT to Blockchain. Clients come to us looking for solutions and our job is to suggest the right technology after understanding their needs.

What are the top trends for 2020?

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzz in the market. More and more machines are using AI to work with human intelligence. Similarly, IoT enabled devices are making things a lot easier. Also, there is blockchain to create a huge database and RPA is making a digital workforce that can
complete repetitive jobs in a hassle-free manner.

What is the most advanced technology today?

It is difficult to tell as there is development everywhere. But when it comes to choosing the technology that is the most advanced then you can
name Artificial Intelligence that is making things possible. Most of the other technologies are relying on AI technology.

What is the new technology in 2020?

Artificial Intelligence is the new technology in 2020. It is empowering IoT and other technologies. It isn’t that other technologies aren’t doing well but it is AI that is guiding and inspiring others.

Why we should learn technology?

Yes, we must learn latest technology because it is technology that can change life. Also, the technology has always come to help and rescue mankind from tricky problems. And it is the technology that has the answers to all problems that life throws at mankind

Is it good to change technology of running website?

Yes, it is good, if it can bring positive results. Also, the advancement in technology will make your site more user-friendly. And inclusion of latest technology will help in increasing popularity, reliability and acceptability of
your site.

Can we upgrade the app with new technologies?

Depending on the needs, apps can be upgraded with new top 10 trending technologies. But it is better to develop new apps that have all the features of new

How can you know about the latest technology for web development?

You need complete information about latest web development technology to make the right selection of the technology. Or you can
count on the knowledge or experience of a senior web developer.