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About E- Commerce Development

E-commerce is simplified as electronic commerce but it can be better understood from its functionality that is buying and selling of goods on the web. It is often used to describe functions of online stores also called e commerce sites. so if you are also looking for the E Commerce website development company then web infratechs is here to provides you the best services .

What is Ecommerce Website Development?

It is like making a shop on the web and this is what makes ecommerce website design and development different from other sites. Buyers visit online stores, pay for shopping and the ecommerce sites process the orders for timely delivery to the customers.

It makes an unbreakable network from customers to customers. And there are many factors that come into play to give online shoppers the real shopping experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose E Commerce Development

  • Your customers want you to start selling your products/services through your website. And it is the need of the hour. When everything is available online, you shouldn’t deny your customer the luxury of online shopping.
  • With ecommerce, you can enhance visibility of your site and increase conversion that is good for your business expansion and profit.
  • With ecommerce, you will be able to provide detailed information about your products/services. The info in the form of pictures, descriptions and specifications will give a unique shopping experience to your buyers.
  • Allow your customers to shop anytime and from anywhere. Your ecommerce site will welcome the buyers 24×7 and 365 days.
  • With ecommerce, you can track your orders in a hassle-free manner. Tracking sale/purchase of products/services will become an easy job.
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Benefits Of E-Commerce Development

Find the Best Technology for Ecommerce Development

When it comes to choosing the right technology for e commerce website design and development, you have many CMS, hosted solutions and plugins available for free but it is only an experienced web developer that can suggest the right technology after assessing your needs.

Here’re popular platforms for making e commerce sites.


 Easy to setup and use, Shopify allows selling products/services with a minimal amount of configuration. It makes a visually appealing online store with amazing customization abilities to add extra features and functionalities to the store. Our ecommerce development services include all advantages of Shopify.

Woo Commerce

The most favored ecommerce solution, Woo Commerce allows easy customization through themes and it comes with all necessary features an online store requires to give the real shopping experience. On Woo Commerce, security updates arrive quickly and can be implemented with just one click. And our ecommerce website development company in India can do this job in an efficient manner.


 Ease of use makes WordPress a popular platform for ecommerce website development. No HTML editing or FTP software is required for the job. But the biggest benefit is search engines love WordPress and you have total control of your site. The site is 100% customizable and plugins are available to improve functionality of the site.


 Magento is versatile content management with plenty of benefits including advance search engine optimization capabilities. A powerful and spacious platform, Magento can accommodate up to 500,000 products on your site and process up to 80,000 orders per hour. We suggest Magento for ecommerce website design and development as it allows third-party integrations and customization of security features.


A popular open-source CMS, Drupal boasts of a number of exclusive features needed for creating sites that are flexible, scalable and secure. Its open-source model allows continuous improvement through innovation by the huge Drupal community.

Latest Drupal allows developers and marketers to create unparallel user experience. Also, it is powerful, scalable and fully secure tool for ecommerce website development.

Features of Ecommerce

Payment gateway: It is a merchant service provided by an ecommerce site that authorizes payments through credit/debit cards for e-business, online retailers and even traditional brick and mortar shops.

CRM: It is a software suite that can help manage interactions between a store and its customers. It is a powerful tool for saving time while facilitating communications and offering high-level customer services with intuitive solutions to the challenges of online shopping.

Shopping cart: It is a software application that facilitates online shopping. Its primary job is to organize information and share it with the merchant and payment processor. In short, shopping cart completes the shopping experience but bridging gaps.

Generate Leads by Ecommerce Website

Our ecommerce development company in Noida Delhi NCR provides SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM and PPC that can generate quality leads for your ecommerce business. Digital marketing is the best way to generate hot leads for ecommerce stores.

Top ten most popular FAQs

How much time will it actually take for my project to be finished?

In fact, the duration of our every project is frequently dictated by our clients. If you truly have any deadline in your mind our team will make precise efforts for meeting it for our clients.  For most of the projects, we try to finish the job within few days to bring better satisfaction to our clients.

What kind of services does your company in addition to design mark-ups?

Our team fully support all website our expert design. We are always available to support our clients who can encounter any issues or need any enhancements. Additionally, we provide web development, e-commerce web development, internet marketing, apps development and theming integration.

Will the design of my website be a search engine (SE) friendly?

Our every website is designed and developed with SEs in mind. The design of the website is also compliant with the guidelines of search engine.  It is always smart for your website to be often re-evaluated when the search engines alter their algorithms and rules. Along with this, you need to ensure that your website is maintained up-to-date as well as complies with the new rules. If you want to get maximum visibility, we recommend using our internet marketing services.

Are there any hidden rates linked to the digital solutions and other services?

No. Our team discuss with clients their website or app needs and then cost accordingly.  Once the clients place their order for their app development or web design with our team, we work effectively so that even the outlined cost quote is firmly adhered to.

Why should I hire your company?

We started this business with a unique objective. Each expert of our team is having better and strong effective knowledge in web design, app development, web development, internet marketing. We always believe that the solid reputation and strong portfolio for delivering quality solutions on budget and on time are the effective sales tools of our team.

How much amount do you charge for your services?

The cost of every website differs based on the complexity and site. We are the best kinds of high-quality website design and development, app development and other useful services at very budget-friendly rates.  Our main aim is to provide the cost-effective and reliable digital solutions and finest services to our clients to suit their budget.

Does your company provide any products?

We are continuously trying the new solution and testing their customer service and reliability. We are always happy to provide our products for business to use.  We offer the best range of most effective products including school ERP, H/W solutions and much more.  These are the most useful products that will deliver better performance.

Do you provide internet marketing services?

Yes. We offer the best range of reliable and affordable internet marketing services.  We help business owners to increase the visibility and popularity of their business by offering the finest internet marketing services. We have a team of expert marketers who offer the best possible internet marketing solutions to our clients.

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Comprehensive E-Commerce Solutions Include

  • E-Commerce-Web-And-Store-Development

    E-Commerce Web And Store Development

    Avail our superior quality e-commerce development services and give your bricks-and-mortar business a new face in no time.

  • E-commerce-Portal-Development


    Our custom extensions development service is designed especially to meet specific needs and requirements of our clients.

  • E-Commerce-Store-Design


    Deck up your e-commerce site while reflecting your business through it by allowing us to customize your theme to suit your business requirements.

  • Mobile-E-Commerce-Store-Development


    Get a whole new template developed from scratch from our developers to give your online business a personalized look.

  • Custom-Extensions-development

    Custom Extensions development

    Add unique features and functionality to your website to convert it into a feature-packed e-commerce solution.

  • B2B-Online-Store-Development


    Don’t miss out on your mobile users by getting a responsive e-commerce website developed by our talented Magento developers.

  • Python-Web-And-API-Development


    Regardless of your business size and type, e-commerce developers at Stellen Infotech can help you develop a custom e-commerce platform as per your business needs.

  • Shopping-Cart-Applications


    Integrating custom carts on an e-store render both website owners and web users the convenience of products management with their innovative, adaptive and responsive design.

  • Mobile-Commerce-Responsive-Store-Development


    Webinfratech offers B2B E-commerce solutions for different business doamins with an inbuilt order management system.