What is Web Development?

Web development can be simplified as website building but a bigger definition is required to understand its role in creating sites. There is a little confusion about professional web development services because of their technical nature.  But the process to hire a web development  company in Noida Delhi NCR is little bit easier than the words which creates the confusion web Infratechs  makes this process more understanding by some steps  given below.

We make websites for both the World Wide Web and private networks called Intranet. We make sites ranging from simple static pages for viewing content to e-commerce development and from complex web-apps to social network services. Our web development & designing company in Noida also does web engineering, web server and network security using different coding languages.

We use a variety of coding languages to suit individual needs of our clients

Top Technologies to Choose for Web Development

Here’s the list of top web technologies that you must know while you are going to hire a web development company or services.

  • TChatbots Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Motion User Interface (UI) Design
  • Browser Extension Development
  • Blockchain
  • RAIL Concept

Top Trending Frameworks to Use for Web Development

Now a days everybody wants to create a website for their services and most important thing to generate the business from websites.
As we know the online shopping and services is growing drastically in digital online world so framework & technology plays an important role in your web development . so we serves here the best frameworks that are approved and search engine friendly frameworks which are trending right now in digital world.

  • Angular
  • Django
  • Ember
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Vue.js
  • Symfony
  • Cake Php
  • Laravel
  • Asp.Net
  • Spring Web MVC

After a language and platform is selected, we move into the next
stage that is planning.

Webinfratech Web Development Process
Webinfratech Web Development Process

Step 1- Planning Web Development

The key to success in website building lies in planning. And we believe that time spent on planning is time saved in the long run. Being a leading web development company in Delhi NCR, we take more responsibilities of doing more than satisfactory job and it is evident from our planning practices.

  • Invest time to explore as many options as possible before implementing one
  • Develop skills and obtain resources before starting work on a development goal
  • Guide the development team on technology, platform, development, deployment and presentation of the developed product

Planning is important because there are many factors web developers can’t control and if they aren’t prepared to face complex situations, they won’t be able to a good job. For example, it is difficult to predict user behavior and control resources outside the web.

Step 2 – Web Designing Module

The next stage of web development is designing. What is planned is designed using the best of knowledge and creativity. And our web Development & designing company in India enters into the designing stage fully planned. We know what the product is, client expectations, budget and deadline.

Important design elements

  • Visual design including typography, grid systems and color theory
  • UX that makes a design more user-friendly for good results
  • Design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch
  • HTML for website structuring
  • CSS to guide browsers
  • JavaScript for making interactive static elements

Design work takes little time in completing because we go prepared and as soon as we complete designing, we enter into the development stage.

Step 3 – Web Development

Like clients from across the globe, you can also hire our web development company for your products including small business website, corporate website design, e-commerce site and web application development.

Small Business Websites:

Startups looking for sites for taking their newly created brands to competitive markets need designs tailored to suit their needs and pockets.

Corporate Websites:

Corporates require fully customized designs that reflect their identities in letter and spirit. And as a leading web design company, we understand specific needs and are always ready to meet the new design challenges.


Converting casual website visitors into buyers is an art that is a blend of technologies and creativity. We have solutions ranging from CMS to developing shopping carts to meet specific business needs. Also, we can develop impressive platforms for both B2B & B2C companies. So if you want to start something like this which can improve your business in online digital industry then you must really look for a web development company in Noida hire and start your project by today.

Web Application Development:

Sometimes clients require web apps with definite designs, features and functions. Since we have developed a number of web apps for big as well as small businesses, we don’t have any difficulty in providing the right solutions.

Our web product is ready to launch and we decide to launch the product after considering all the factors.

Step 4 – Web Product Launching

Certain of the results, we go on launching the developed products as planned and according to deadlines. Also, we keep a close eye on functioning of the newly launched products to make sure that they work as expected. Since you are working on the best web development & designing company in Noida, you can rest assured of expected results. 

Our business relationship with our clients continue after launch of products. Post launch service is an important part of our professional web development services. We will remain connected to provide whatever technical help you require with your web products.

Top ten most popular FAQs

How Much Do You Charge for Web Design?

We have variable charges for different web products. A quote for a web product can be provided only after a detailed discussion with client. web development company in Noida

Do you provide support services after the website development is complete?

Yes, we do provide support services after the web design and
development work is complete.

Do I have to host my website with you?

No, it isn’t necessary. You are free to choose your web host.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

Yes, all our websites are SEO friendly.

Can you help me with Online Marketing?

Yes, we can provide real help in online marketing.

What makes Webinfratech different from others?

Our customer centric policies make us different. We try providing the
best while keeping the prices at lowest.

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Comprehensive Web Development services include

  • Open-Source-Extension-Development

    Open Source Extension Development

    We have the full potential to build the feature-rich open source development that can serve the amazing user experience.

  • Travel-portal-development

    Travel Portal Development

    Webinfratech combines experience with travel technology to give the best to its clients. It implements tried and tested methodologies and models that are constantly upgraded for better performance.

  • E-learning-job-Portal

    E-learning & Job Portal

    eLearning is very important to the success of organizations, educational institutions, communities and individuals. If you are a small or mid size company that never ventured into online training before, then you can start with eLearning portals.

  • Custom-web-development-services

    Custom Web Development Services

    Webinfratech specializes in building and executing web-based applications tailor-made as per your business specific needs.

  • web-application-development-services

    Web & Application Development Services

    We create cross-platform and responsive web applications that carry our mark of excellence and improve your business strategies.

  • Social-networking-portal-development

    Social Networking Portal Development

    We have the full potential to build the feature-rich social networking websites that can serve the amazing user experience.

  • Data-Importing-Services


    Stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends by allowing us to maintain and support your CMS based website.

  • Open-Source-Extension-Development


    Business level e-store applications need the incorporation of high-end solutions such as recommendations engines, analytics, CMS, ERP, CRM etc. for improve consumer engagement on the application.

  • Open-Source-CMS-Customization

    Open Source CRM Services

    open source CRM Software which made it convenient. … unique self-service portal, it enables users to deliver high-quality customer support.

  • Open-Source-CMS-Customization


    We understand that business needs and requirements change with time and so is the technology. Thus we offer affordable and professional website redevelopment services to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

  • Enterprise-Cms-Development


    Our team of experts uses the proven methodology and strategy to build the outstanding websites for varied businesses.

  • Open-Source-E-commerce-Development

    Open Source E-commerce Development

    Reach the half of the world population with a robust, secure, highly scalable and powerful e-commerce platform and improve your sales and conversion rates.

  • Open-Source-CMS-Customization

    Open Source CMS Customization

    Our team of developers are well-versed with almost every CMS available today and thus are able to build feature-rich and dynamic CMS based websites.

  • Bespake-Open-source-Development

    Bespoke Open source Development

    We have been developing high quality bespoke software. It is still our core business. Our expertise in Open Source Java/JEE programming.

  • Open-Source-Software-Development

    Open Source Software Development

    Our team of experts uses the proven methodology and strategy to build the outstanding open source software for varied businesses.