Why digital marketing is important for small businesses
Digital Marketing

Why digital marketing is important for small businesses?

Small businesses that consider digital marketing to be an expensive and a time-consuming job need to learn about advantages of online advertising. It is true that online campaigns take time in giving results but there are more convincing reasons for small businesses to invest on digital marketing.

Let’s quickly summarize the advantages of digital marketing for small businesses before going into the details of advantages.

  • Digital marketing provides equal opportunities to all including startups, small, medium and big businesses. Every business has access to all media platforms.
  • Know who your audiences are and let them explore your business. It is only on digital media where you can meet your customers and introduce your business to them.
  • Engage and interact with your customers to know exactly what they are looking for. While interacting with potential customers, you can try understanding their needs.
  • Target mobile customers whose number is growing with each passing day and that are certain to surpass the online traffic in the coming days.
  • Expand your reach to as many customers as you can in the shortest time possible. On digital media, you can instantly connect with your customers and send your marketing message to the right people.
  • Generate response from the targeted customers and track response to your offers immediately. Digital media allows two-way communication where the targeted customers can register their response in comments, likes, dislikes and feedbacks.
  • Win trust of your customers by adapting your marketing strategy according to analytics. Today every business is available on the web and if your business is absent from the web then it will go against your branding.
  • Freedom to get customers round the clock. You can run your marketing campaigns 24×7 to achieve better results.

Let’s look at reasons for being online and see how digital marketing can help your small business climb up the ladder of popularity.

Come on the same platform

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In traditional market, your business could be smaller before your competitors but in the web market, everyone is equal. Here you have the same space, time and opportunities as others have. For example, your site can also achieve top rank on search result pages as size of your company is no deterrent in web market.

Your competitors are doing well on the web

In business, you need to keep an eagle eye over your competitors but it is better to try learning from them instead of envying from their moves. They can teach you many things that you will take a long time in learning. For example, analyzing marketing campaigns of competitors will give you an insight into what works in the targeted market.

Become accessible for your customers

webinfratech digital marketing servicesYou will agree that the web is the first place where your clients look for information related to your business. A website can work as your online visiting card but your site needs to come on top of search result pages. Your competitors also have websites and their sites might be figuring high on search result pages. And if your customers don’t find you on the web, they will drift to your competitors.

Let targeted audiences visit your site

Customers looking for alternative to your competitors could be interested in your offers. But you should be accessible to them. If you can give satisfactory answers to all the queries of the targeted audiences, you can get loyal customers in quick succession. And understanding needs of targeted audiences won’t be a difficult job, once you enter into digital marketing. There are many ways to learn what your clients want you to do.

Interact with your customers

Digital media allows people to interact with each other. You can take advantage of various media platforms like social media, email and SMS marketing to stay connected to the targeted audiences. Interacting with your customers is an opportunity know who your customers are and what they think about the business you are doing. They want to know more about your business, if you are ready to listen to their voice.

Target mobile market

If you are doing a business where you can accept leads over phone calls then digital marketing is for you and you shouldn’t delay promoting your business on mobile platforms. And just having a responsive site or a mobile optimized website isn’t sufficient for targeting mobile customers. You need to promote your site on mobile searches to get views and leads.

Google analytics

webinfratech google analytics overview

Digital marketing tools will allow you see who visited your site, which are most visited pages of your website, average time spent by visitors, bouncing rate and other important metrics. The data accessed by Google analytics will help in understanding their needs. For example, you can know what to do to bring customers to your online store and make sales. Depending on your findings, you can adjust your marketing campaigns to achieve success.

Higher ROI

Every investment has a return and it is only digital marketing that can assure of high return on investment. You can even get 100% return in digital marketing. You have many tools to maximize your reach and optimize your campaigns on digital media. Every penny and every second spent on digital marketing will have a huge return in terms of increased traffic and hot leads that you can follow.

Total control

It is only digital marketing that remains in total control right from the creation of a marketing campaign to getting desired results. You can monitor your campaigns to make sure that they work well and the results are expected. And if you find that the campaigns aren’t working well, you can pause the campaigns to check what is wrong with marketing and set things right.

Round the clock marketing

Digital media is the only platform that allows marketing, advertising and branding round the clock. You can remain active round the clock and increase or decrease your activity according to your needs. Also, you can tweak your marketing messages to suit your needs even after posting the message. But this facility isn’t available in traditional marketing.


Everything has a budget and marketing is no exception to this rule. Your business could be small in terms of turnover and your marketing budget could be little in comparison with your competitors but it doesn’t mean that you should miss the opportunity to give a tough competition to your competitors. You can stay in the competition with whatever budget you have. You can start with little budget and increase the funding as you earn profit.

Factors that prevent small businesses from investing on digital marketing

  • Lack of proper knowledge, information and education on digital media and marketing. Small business owners have little knowledge on online marketing and they make an opinion on digital marketing on whatever information they have.
  • Unrealistic expectations like getting first page position on search result pages in a short time and with little efforts. Small businesses want to taste success without waiting for a long time and without investing much money and many efforts.
  • Keeping budget over everything and assigning your online marketing job to inefficient marketers. Small businesses are often short on budget and for this reason they want to save money on everything.
  • Comparing digital marketing with traditional advertising even after knowing there are no parallels between the two marketing methods. It isn’t possible to achieve same results with traditional and digital marketing.
  • Taking digital marketing as a panacea instead of an important business process. Digital marketing is an important process instead of an one-time attempt.

Before you jump on any conclusion on digital marketing, you should do some case studies of your competitors. Or you can start with little budget as an experiment. Another important thing is to hire an efficient digital marketing manager that can manage your marketing campaigns and promise good results.

Is it necessary to hire an ad agency?

Webinfratech as an agencyIt depends on your knowledge, availability and budget. But if you are really serious about taking advantage of digital marketing then you must outsource your marketing job to an agency that can better take care of your needs.

If you want, you can even try on your own but in this situation, you will have to find time from your busy work schedule to manage your marketing campaigns. But it is better to hire a digital marketing company to manage your campaigns and remain free to reap fruits of the labor of the agency.

Digital marketing is a part of your business process

It is the most important to understand that digital marketing is a necessity and not a luxury. If you aren’t present and active on online world then you could lag behind your customers. But you have the opportunity to get maximum results on digital media.


Small businesses can do big things with the help of digital marketing. And they can start marketing on digital media with little budget and try reaping big benefits with small investments. You need to have some budget for digital marketing. The budget could be small but marketing could be bigger.